hey hey, I'm Liz Lagarde

I am the potter behind Maple Leaf Pottery.

I took my first pottery class my sophomore year as a way to have some hands on art time during my Interior Design degree. Little did I know the impact this one class would have on my life.

Pottery has since evolved into a way I share my story with you. It has opened new doors for me to take care of my family and my health, grow my artistry, and encourage you to practice gratitude to bring more joy into your everday.

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Inspired by our signature style

Some say it's the perfect fit, and I think so, too!

With my degree in interior design, I studied the impact good design can have on your day. Designed to be lightweight, match the curvature of your hand, and durable for everyday use, you might have trouble putting this one down because it was designed with you in mind.

Inspired by the present

Each mug is handcrafted in my home studio. Inspired by either my travels around the state or the life lessons I am learning, you'll be sure to see the beauty of New Hampshire reflected in many of my designs.

My mugs are also designed to be intentional reminders. After a severe case of COVID and a life long struggle with anxiety and chronic health issues, I began to pour my heart into a mug that would help change my focus and make me excited about my day. I knew I needed a daily reminder and practice to help cultivate that joy in my life and Brene Brown's quote really stuck with me:

“In the research, we learned that the most effective way to cultivate joy in our lives is to practice gratitude. The key word here is practice. It's not just about feeling grateful, it's about developing an observable practice. So often we think that joy makes us grateful, when in reality it's gratitude that brings joy.”

Why the Maple Leaf?

Have you noticed beneath every mug is a tiny maple leaf imprint?

Well, you might be wondering why I named my business Maple Leaf Pottery. It isn't one thing that made me decide on the name, but rather a random mismatch of childhood memories that brought me a lot of joy

As a kid, I loved putting maple syrup on pancakes that my dad would make for breakfast every Saturday morning, camping at Seven Maples Campground, and watching the beauty of the maple trees changing in the fall.

All these things add up to making maple leaves something that bring me joy, comfort, and happiness. I hope through owning a piece of my pottery you will experience more of that in your everyday life. I hope you take time to enjoy maple syrup on pancakes, take in the fall foliage, and sip some wonderful coffee from a beautiful mug handcrafted just for you!

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my hope for your new mug

“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become. No single instance will transform your beliefs, but as the votes build up, so does the evidence of your identity. This is why habits are crucial. They cast repeated votes for being a type of person.”

I hope my mugs help inspire you to new things, happier mornings, more family meals centered around the table, and joyful living. I hope they serve as a reminder to cast votes for the type of person you want to be. Here's to more inspired mornings from your new favorite mug.